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Creating Success

Volumes have been written about creating success whether that means a loving relationship, loyal friendships, financial wealth, or fulfilling work. Some individuals have had fabulous results in using the principles of abundance and success, which have become increasingly popular in the past 15 to 20 years. Others have not. And the reality is that a growing number of people are becoming frustrated because they are not creating the success they desire.

The answer to this frustration lies in the fact that while we have become quite effective in our intentions of success, we typically fall short of living consistently out of our highest vibrational energy. Our everyday energy is not a match to the heaven on earth within us.

I was brought up, along with you most likely, to think heaven is in my future when I die. But I now know how to more consistently experience transcendence in the here and now, which has transformed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Through a significant event which occurred for me in 1994 and propelled me into my own transcendent heaven on earth, I found life-changing ways to live out of my higher energy. I have not been the same person since that time. I learned specific ways to match the energy of heaven on earth transcendence. In doing so, creating my desires became more easy and effortless.

Creating Success

When you consistently live out of this heaven on earth, creating what you want becomes easy and effortless. Your negative judgment of others subsides, and you view all events as coming into your life for a reason, and recognize that a higher purpose exits. You begin to consistently experience bliss.

Transcendence invites you to see another plane of reality which exists all around you, and there are specific ways to live out of the heaven on earth within you. My transcendent heaven on earth experience allowed me to remove the obstacles to my success, and create what I desire. My current speaking engagements and my upcoming book, Transcendence: The Secret to Success, specifically show you how creating success is easy and available to you right now, and not just at some point in the future.

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