Dr. Lisa Richards, Creating Heaven on Earth

Creating Success with Dr. Lisa Richards

Dr. Lisa RichardsDo you ever feel stuck in creating your desires?

Have you tried the principles of law of attraction, only to find your life in the same place as before?

The answer to this frustration is the ability to consistently live out of your highest energy, the energy of tramscemdemce.

Dr. Lisa Richards personal experience of after-death transcendence in 1994 combined with years as a practicing psychologist combine to bring you the essential knowledge you need to create your desires. Her upcoming book, Transcendence: The Secret to Success, allows you to create money, health, and abundance in the process of creating a richer spiritual life.

Through her private practice, Dr. Richards assists people in creating their desires, and also teaches others the principles of transcendence through her seminars and keynotes which focus on manifesting your intentions.

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